ALDI & RIMI Baltics implement AI recipe technology to fight food waste
Hjem AI ALDI & RIMI Baltics implement AI recipe technology to fight food waste

ALDI & RIMI Baltics implement AI recipe technology to fight food waste

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Big retailers and brands are implementing AI recipe technology to join the fight against food waste.

The technology offered by Plant Jammer focuses on food waste in private households and enables users to choose the ingredients that they have left over and generate a recipe.

80% cook less than 10 different recipes every year

According to Plant Jammer surveys, and business intelligence from large food brands, such as Unilever and Nestlé, 80% of people actually cook less than 10 recipes per year. The past year of lockdown has reminded us all of the limited reservoir that we have of recipes.

Big food waste problem for the planet

This is actually a big problem for the planet according to Michael Haase, the CEO of the Copenhagen based startup, Plant Jammer: “This lack of cooking flexibility causes a lot of food waste in homes. Actually 50% of all global food waste happens in our homes!”, says Michael.

ALDI & RIMI Baltics implement AI recipe technology to fight food wasteAI driven recipe widget for food brands

To improve cooking flexibility and fight food waste, Plant Jammer just launched an AI-driven “Empty Your Fridge” widget to go on any food company’s website. It can be implemented on any website, where companies and their customers care deeply about food waste.

How do users experience it?

Website visitors select the ingredients that they have at home in their fridge.

A few clicks later, the visitor receives a recipe customized to their individual needs. The chosen recipe can be adjusted to their individual diet and taste – it can for example be Mexicanized, made vegetarian or gluten-free!

“I was really pleasantly surprised to learn that ALDI focuses on food waste! I really like how they inspire me to use some new ingredients or products that I have never tried before but totally make sense. The best part: I did my wallet AND the planet a favor today!”, says Sofia, who found the widget on ALDI Süd’s website.

How brands are using it

The first-movers that have launched this technology on their websites are ALDI Süd & RIMI Baltics.

“The food tech startup Plant Jammer convinced us with its sustainable approach and user-friendly implementation. Thanks to the creative technology the company has developed, we now offer our customers an easy way to put leftover food to good use.”, says Nina Kurth, Manager Corporate Responsibility at ALDI SÜD.

“For a long time RIMI’s main area of focus has been healthy habits and taking steps towards a greener tomorrow. Food waste is still one of the biggest problems in the Baltics. Our recent study showed that as many as 90% of people in the Baltics throw away food because it becomes spoiled. Together with our partner – Plant Jammer – we have found a way to help our customers make small steps, not only towards solving this issue, but to start eating healthier as well. In this case, just a few clicks can tell us what we have in the fridge and pantry, and the AI-Powered chef does all the hard work by connecting ingredients on hand with many useful and healthy meal options.”, says Liudvikas Aleliūnas, Corporate Responsibility Strategy & Development Manager at Rimi Baltic.

The usage on the website is very intuitive and user-friendly. I always found a cooking idea, no matter what I still had in the fridge or cupboards. It helps me a lot in everyday life and saves a lot of time, because I don’t have to think forever about what to eat and how to use the food.“, says Sabine Costa Gerhardus, Specialist National Communication at ALDI SÜD.

Plant Jammer aspirations

Plant Jammer aspires to launch widgets on 100 food company websites by the end of 2021 and 5.000 by 2023, but the long-term vision is even more breathtaking:

”We want to inspire, nudge, and educate 1bn people to cook and eat sustainably. We believe the best way to get there is not by regulation, taxes, or moral judgement, but by putting a powerful tool into people’s hands, that empowers them to do the right thing, without compromising on taste or convenience”, says Michael Haase, the CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer.

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